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What is Sugaring?
Body sugaring by Sugar of the Nile is an ancient method of hair removal used for centuries. The earliest references to this style of hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece in about 1900 B.C. During the Turkish Empire, the harem was an important part of court life and the removal of body hair was considered an art. A natural paste consisting of only sugar, water, and lemon gently exfoliates only dead skin in a process similar to waxing, and removes the hair in the direction of growth, removing hair from the root and providing superior results.


Why Sugaring over Waxing?

Sugaring is gentler on the skin than waxing because it only adheres to dead skin cells.

Say goodbye to that "raw" feeling you can get after waxing.

Sugar paste is also never hot- so it's safe for diabetics and clients with sensitive skin.

Most people experience smoother skin, longer time in between appointments, and less irritation

vs. waxing.

Sugar Bar

Lip- 15
Chin- 15

Ears- 10

Nose- 10
Underarm- 20
Brows (includes shaping) - 25

Brow and Lip- 30
Full Face (lip, chin, cheeks)- 40

Full Face with Brows- 50

Sideburns- 15
Full Arm -40
Lower Arm- 30
Bikini (swimsuit)- 35

Bikini (extended)- 45
Upper Leg and Bikini- 55

Brazilian- 65

Brazilian (Maintenance) - 55
Chest- 45-65
Lower Leg- 45
Full Leg- 75
Back- 55-75
Lower Back- 40-55

Brazilian Maintenance- Must be pre-booked at 4 weeks.

Extended Bikini- includes bikini line plus one inch inside bikini and on top.


Who can be Sugared?
Really, just about anyone! Diabetics can be safely sugared because the sugar is not hot. Because sugar does not stick to live skin tissue is it gentle enough to sugar over Varicose Veins, Dry Psoriasis and Eczema, Sensitive skin, and Radiation Dermatitis. 

For clients using Retina A, Glycol's, Chemical Peels, strong antibiotics etc, is recommended you discontinue use for 5-7 days before treatment. Anyone using Accutane must discontinue use for a minimum of 28 days. Clients who are undergoing treatment for Cancer need a doctors note.
Patch tests may be required in any instance.

Does it really get all the hair?
YES! However, sugaring is an art. Careful moulding of the sugar in the hair follicle, proper technique, your hair type and length are all factors in to how much hair is left behind. You may notice a few fine hairs, or hairs that may have been to short to sugar (depending on your unique hair growth cycle). Maintaining regular appointments will help get your hair on a growth schedule for maximum removal and results. Making sure your hair is the appropriate length (not too long) will minimize discomfort and pulling of the hair. You may be asked to reschedule if your hair is too long or too short. Hair should be about 1/8th of an inch, or the size of a grain of rice.

HELP! My skin feels itchy! or I have ingrown hairs!
Proper hydration and exfoliation is the key! Itchiness is caused by the hair trying to grow back through the skin. Putting a hydrating lotion on after you shower and exfoliating twice a week will resolve this. Some clients will find they need to use different types of exfoliants to prevent ingrowns and itchy skin. Examples are, (CLEAN!) scrubby hands or loofahs, scrubs (don't scrub too hard), or exfoliants such as salicylic acid to help the hair break through. Over exfoliating can also aggravate these conditions. Keep it up to 3x week max. We have products at the shop to help! Most clients experience less irritation after their 3rd treatment.

I get a lot of hives when I wax, will sugaring help me with this?
The beautiful part about sugaring is- most of the time, the more you do it, the less hives you will have. It also depends on if the hives were caused by an allergic reaction to the wax, or a histamine reaction to the hair being pulled out. With sugaring, our paste only contains sugar, water, and lemon. So allergic reaction is all but ruled out. Some people experience a histamine reaction- this usually resolves itself in  24 hours or less after treatment. Some clients with really sensitive skin when they are first beginning to sugar will have a reflare of the hives after taking a hot shower or activities with heat. But they will go away after the skin cools again. Usually by the 3rd or 4th treatment this issue has resolved itself. Make sure your skin is hydrated and use cool compresses to help relieve short term itchiness from hives. 

How do I prepare for my sugaring treatment?
Pre treatment and the day of
-Make sure to come in with lotion free and clean skin.
-No working out, sunbathing, or tanning the day of.
-Hair should be 1/16th- 1/8th of an inch long. Hair that is longer than this may
cause greater discomfort during treatment (sugar may pull at the hair).
- Stay hydrated. It is important for optimal hair removal.
-Make sure you are exfoliating 1-2x a week to prevent ingrown hairs and dead skin buildup.

Post Treatment
For 24-48 hours please avoid the following...
No working out, sunbathing, or tanning.
No submursion in water (hot tub, swimming pool, lake, and bath tub. Showers are ok).
No sweating or heavy workouts.
Harsh exfoliants/exfoliating.
No sun exposure.
No sexual activities.

This is not a complete list-
Your esthetician will go over health history and perform a
skin analysis to check for any personal contraindications.
Please call prior to appointment if you have
any health concerns or questions.