Our Immune Therapy Set supports a wiser immune system™ and is designed to nourish the full expanse of your body and mind for a more precise and balanced immune response. All three products are powerful alone, but when used together, they effectively train and prepare your system to take on any challenge.



Immune Therapy Refillable Jar (10 bags) or Refill Pouch (14 bags): With potency and results that go beyond tea, this fast-absorbing infusion balances your immune response within 2 hours, bathing your mouth and gut microbiome in protective actives.*


Stress Therapy Refillable Jar (10 bags) or Refill Pouch (14 bags): Bathing your mouth with restorative flowers, this quick absorbing infusion improves adaptability to stress, supporting your central nervous system, gut microbiome, and immune system.*


Gut-Lung Therapy (30 capsules): Awaken healthy communication between your digestive, respiratory, and central nervous system and their immune function with our full-spectrum fermentate + Elite L. plantarum strain, a supercharged formula featuring polyphenols, prebiotics, postbiotics, probiotics, and para-probiotics.

Immune Therapy Set

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