Clinically proven to strengthen your immune response within 2 hours.*


Glass Jar has 10 bags, Refill Pouch has 14 bags


Our drinkable Immune Therapy infusion absorbs and starts working faster than capsules or tablets, which require digestion before activation. This allows for a rapid response to immune threats when you need it most.

Drink one 12-oz cup for daily support and fast-acting protection at the onset of an immune challenge. Each bag can be steeped up to 3 times for additional benefits.

Cistus Incanus, Rosehip, Sumac, Black Currant, Chaga, Ginger


Why An Infusion?


  • POTENCY: 1 serving of Immune Therapy has the same amount of immune-supporting herbs as 12 capsules.


  • FAST ACTING: Nutrients absorb into the bloodstream and begin working quickly without waiting for digestion.


  • ADDED DEFENSE: Your mouth is the gateway to your immune system. Infusions bathe your mouth with protective actives while capsules pass right by.



Immune Therapy

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