Holistic Skin Care

Specializing in advanced facelifting massage techniques for total facial rejuvenation.

The "Elevate Facial"

Featuring Structural Facelifting + Buccal Massage



The Structural Facelifting Technique (with Buccal Massage Technique) as taught to Shannon by Yakov Gershkovich, has its roots in lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, and deep tissue massage. This exclusive treatment includes the world famous buccal technique, beloved by countless beauty editors and celebrities world wide. Most famously,  Meghan Markle as the go to red carpet treatment and royal wedding skin prep.


Shannon has trained multiple times with internationally acclaimed Russian specialist Yakov Gershkovich himself in Los Angeles, and has joined the elite ranks of less than 40 people in the entire United States with advanced level certifications (Level 2)  to perform this exclusive treatment.

Through daily life we experience countless emotions; tension and release, movements and micro-movements. These emotions, expressed or repressed, shape and form our inner and outer beauty. This innovative and measurable natural alternative to botox and surgical facelifts is the perfect solution for those not wanting to risk toxic injections or put their bodies through the trauma, healing time, and again, risk, of going under the knife. Structural Facelifting works to transform our spirit and emotions from the outside in while measurably re-training the muscles of the face and flooding the skin with micro-nutrients for total skin rejuvenation.


The Art

Your skin is first thoroughly cleansed, to remove surface impurities. We then apply Yakov Gershkovich's personally developed organic lifting balm, deep massage movements using firm yet gentle deep tissue strokes to sculpt and contour the face including neck, cheekbones and jawline. Shannon will perform a range of lifting and sculpting movements to boost blood micro-circulation and collagen production. De-stressing muscle tissue allows lymph to drain, features to become toned and skin more vibrant. Re-training mimic muscles allows for lifting of the face and of the spirit. Flushed with blood and nutrients, from there we begin the buccal massage.

The "Inner Mouth Massage" (Buccal Massage Technique)

With a pair of surgical gloves we begin the buccal technique inside of the mouth, chin, lips and jawline where mimic muscles are deeply massaged and tension released. The muscles are sculpted and toned using precise movements. You will immediately feel more open, lighter and deeply relaxed. This technique also assists with conditions such as teeth grinding and TMJD.

The Result

Glowing, plump skin with the added benefit of totally relaxed, hydrated muscles, sculpted contours and an instantly tighter and brighter appearance. How long the treatment lasts depends on what's presented. Some adhesions of the tissue and muscles are old, when released they have a tendency to stay released for a long time and allow for proper drainage and flow. Tension patterns and emotions that are chronic and ongoing may or may not take more time to release. Results are cumulative so it's important to continue regular weekly sessions until you achieve your desired goal and then continue with monthly maintenance treatments.


                       $200      |  75 Minutes

                       $250      |   90 Minutes

                      + LED $35 (Adds 20 Minutes to Service Time)

                     Includes full facial (with either advanced exfoliation or mask) depending on your skin state and full massage protocol.



                     Includes $100 credit toward full skin regimen + Package Savings of  $200


                      8 Week Series

                      75 Minute Treatments   |   $1400

                      90 Minute Treatments   |   $1800

  *Please wait a minimum of 6 weeks after any facial injectables. This facial is not suitable for pregnancy but is a wonderful postpartum offering. This treatment is also not advisable if the skin is delicate, ultrasensitive, bruises easily, or during active acne. A single session is recommended to see if the series is a good fit for your skin.


       Gua Sha Facial

This custom Gua Sha facelifting facial utilizes skin philosophies based on traditional Chinese medicine. Specially carved gemstones are massaged in to the skin to activated meridians (energy pathways) and manually move qi and lymph to drain accumulated impurities and allow for fresh blood to feed the skins surface. Immediate and natural sculpting occurs, giving the skin a lifted appearance. Results are cumulative and home care will enhance results.

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75 Minutes   |   $140

90 Minutes  |    $175

               + LED $35

 (Adds 20 Minutes to Treatment Time)

Shannon has studied Nefeli Gua Sha formally with industry renowned Holistic Esthetician, Angela Peck.

Eminence Organic Facial

This custom experience anoints organically grown, hand made traditional Hungarian skin care recipes utilizing fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables that come together to nourish and feed the skin essential vitamins and nutrients to support overall skin nutrition, elasticity, collagen production, brightening, lymphatic function and skin microbiome. Featuring Hungarian facelifting massage techniques, you will leave balanced, glowing and radiant!

60 Minutes   |    $120

75 Minutes    |    $140

90 Minutes   |    $165

+ Enzymatic Peel $20

+ LED $35 (Adds 20 Minutes to Treatment Time)


Self Care LED Ritual

Take a moment for yourself to relax and unwind using our Light Stim professional LED panel, FDA cleared to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Other benefits include decreasing inflammation (a major contributor to most skin conditions), oxygenation of the cells, destroy acne causing bacteria, and improvement with seasonal depression. Our trained staff will assist you with selecting products to apply yourself from Eminence Organic's Vita Skin Collection to receive the maximum benefits of your treatment and to meet your skin care goals. Choose Calm Skin, Clear Skin, Bright Skin, Firm Skin or from our Stone Crop Collection. Frequency is recommended 2/weekly for 8 weeks then monthly.


30 Minutes | $55

(20 Minutes Total LED Exposure)

8 Week Series Membership


(Save $80)

Package includes sessions twice a week for 8 weeks.